(Ammon Location)

2-8 Players, Difficulty Level = Beginner/Moderate

Dear Great Auntie has died under somewhat "suspicious" circumstances. Weren't we surprised at the reading of her will when we found out that she had left her fortune to her cat?!  So, we've hired you, a team of crack cat burglars, to break into Great Auntie's house and find her fortune and bring it to us. Be quick though, because once you enter Great Auntie's house, the alarm will alert the police and they will be there in exactly 60 minutes to arrest you!


(Downtown Location)

2-8 Players, Difficulty Level = Moderate

You and your team of fellow archaeologists are trying to recover an ancient golden relic from the depths of the Mayan jungle.  Others have gone before you, but none have made it back.  Will you make it out with the relic?  Will you make it out at all??


(Ammon Location)

2-8 Players, Difficulty Level = TBD

You and your fellow pirates mutinied after finding out that the captain of the ship was hoarding all of the rum.  Now that you've made that scurvy dog walk the plank, the ship will wreck in one hour!  You need to find that rum before it sinks to the bottom of Davey Jones' Locker!


(Ammon Location)

2-8 Players, Difficulty Level = Moderately Difficult

HO! HO! OH NO! Santa forgot to put your name on the Nice List and he's leaving for his deliveries in one hour!  It's coal for you this year unless you can find that Nice List and add your name to it before the sleigh launches.


(Downtown Location)

2-8 Players, Difficulty Level = Moderate

A mad scientist has created a virus and released it on the world. The cure to this deadly new disease can be made from the original virus strain, but there's one problem.... We don't know where he's hidden the original virus!  You only have 60 minutes before this virus has spread too far to save mankind!  See if you can decipher the mad scientist's trail of cryptic clues to find the deadly virus....BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. 


(Downtown Location)

2-6 Players, Difficulty Level = Difficult

Clara, the world famous fortune teller, psychic, and clairvoyant, has mixed up a spell and accidentally lost her Book of Spells (AGAIN!).  You and your group have one hour to find Clara's Book of Spells, or all of her knowledge will be lost.....FOREVER!


(Downtown Location)

Recommended for 6-10 Players, 4 player minimum to book.

(COZY WARNING! - Can squeeze up to 12) 

Difficulty Level = Difficult

Everybody is talking, but nobody is saying a word. Increased military activity can be seen all over.  Rumors are circulating....  They've found aliens!  Your group has infiltrated "Area 51", the top secret military installation.  Now that you're in, can you solve the mystery that surrounds Area 51?