Recommended for 6-10 Players, 4 player minimum to book. Up to 12 for private groups.  Difficulty Level = Difficult

May not be suitable for young players

Everybody is talking, but nobody is saying a word. Increased military activity can be seen all over.  Rumors are circulating....  They've found aliens!  Your group has infiltrated "Area 51", the top secret military installation.  Now that you're in, can you solve the mystery that surrounds Area 51? 


2-6 Players, Difficulty Level = Difficult

Clara, the world famous fortune teller, psychic, and clairvoyant, has mixed up a spell and accidentally banished herself to the Great Beyond (AGAIN!).  You and your group has one hour to fix the spell she cast, or she will be stuck FOREVER!


2-8 Players, Difficulty Level = Moderate

May not be suitable for young players

A mad scientist has created a virus and released it on the world. The cure to this deadly new disease can be made from the original virus strain, but there's one problem.... We don't know where he's hidden the original virus!  You only have 60 minutes before this virus has spread too far to save mankind!  See if you can decipher the mad scientist's trail of cryptic clues to find the deadly virus....BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. 


Number of Players, To Be Determined

Difficulty Level = To Be Determined